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Vita Vera Ventures Speaking at HackSummit 2023 (Switzerland)

May 2023

Partner Beatriz Franco represented Vita Vera Ventures on the stage at HackSummit 2023. Full Highlights of the event:

Some themes:

Embracing Complexity - As World Fund’s Alexis Caporale pointed out, if we really want to support the most meaningful transformative solutions, the biggest emissions are in complex systems. He called on funds to unite and go down the ‘rabbit hole’ to understand how to completely transform the system to deliver the highest emission reduction potential and highest returns.

Multistakeholder Problems and Solutions - Fifth Wall’s Jennifer Place highlighted that if this is the decade for decarbonisation, we’re going to need buy-in from all three stakeholders: corporates, capital and policy in concert. Especially as McKinsey estimates we need to invest $275 trillion in the next 27 years to decarbonise the global economy.

The Power of SynBio and AI - We’ve barely scratched the surface of these technologies to help us achieve a greener, more sustainable future. As Piotr Grabowski of tells us: It's truly amazing to observe the evolution over the years. From the initial development of plant-based products to advancements in mycelium, bioreactors, and cellular agriculture, and now the creation of completely new and personalised food ingredients at the molecular and peptide level. It is incredible to see the use of AI algorithms to accelerate laboratory research.

Nature’s Role in the Climate Journey - Planet A Ventures’ Jessica Burley told us how Nature-Based Carbon Solutions offer proven, cost-effective strategies that are ready for deployment today. With the potential to save up to 12 gigatonnes of carbon equivalent annually, NbS could slash peak warming by 0.3C by 2030. And as climate and nature pledges rise, demand for carbon credits from NbS could soar to $30bn by 2030. If utilised effectively, this capital can catalyze truly transformative projects, delivering remarkable returns for nature and investors alike.

Mitigation, adaptation and resilience - Investor opinion was divided over which of these to prioritise and debated if we are too far past the mitigation phase. As Lowercarbon Capital’s Clea Kolster pointed out, one of the most damaging things we can do is aim for net zero by 2050 as it stops our ability to develop near-term solutions. After all, climate change is not far out, it’s happening today and what we do in the next 10 years determines what we need to do by 2050.

Vita Vera Ventures is an early stage venture fund focused on Climate Tech & Supply Chain Tech advancing the resiliency, sustainability, and efficiency of our Food System. If you are an early-stage entrepreneur building with this in mind, we would love to hear from you.


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